In Rightbloggers’ Fantasy Baseball, Obama Throws Treasonous Gay Pitch


At the All-Star Game, President Obama threw out the first pitch. Here’s the video, which rightwingers say shows Obama getting booed; it sounds like a mix of cheers and booing to us, but you can judge for yourself — that’s what citizen journalism is all about.

While the New York Post uncharacteristically reported that that Obama “hung one over the plate,” rightbloggers let the world know that the President’s pitch was treasonous and homosexual:

“Throws a sissy pitch,” says Gateway Pundit.

“What was up with FOX Sports not showing the full pitch?” asked Scared Monkeys. “Were they told by Barry’s handlers not to just in case he bounced the ball to home plate because it would have been spread like wildfire on the internet?” That Fox — always covering for Obama! Oh wait, Scared Monkeys has an update, quotes an expert: “Where did it land? Was it a strike or wasn’t it? Why didn’t the network choose a better camera to shoot from?” Sigh, more long lonely nights in the lab for this cowboy, as soon as he can kill a black guy and detach his arm for the experiments.

Pundit & Pundette also find Fox covering for Obama (“Very, very unusual camera work there”) but most rightbloggers just say he’s a fag. “Barack Obama Throws Like He’s Got a Raging Case of The Gaybees,” says Weasel Zippers. “Obama’s Girly Man Pitch,” says Macsmind, who also calls him a “Queen.”

In their fantasy baseball league, Joe McCarthy throws out every first pitch and Jackie Robinson never makes it to the majors.