Inventory: Cleopatra Candy “Toys & Joys” Assortment


Available next to the check-out register at Western Beef on West 16th Street are candies packaged by Cleopatra Candy of Brooklyn, New York, whose logo features a scary cobra, which is about as close as Cleopatra’s art department could get to an asp, I guess. The web lists an address on 95th Street in Canarsie. The package caught my eye as I was buying a pair of cut-rate New York strip steaks (a little over $8 each). What a strange assortment of candy and toys, I thought as I plucked it down and added it to my grocery basket.

Here’s a complete inventory of the $1.99 bag, obviously designed to catch the eye of addled adults:

1  Bon Bon Bum purple lollipop, made in Colombia

1  Bon Bon Bum red lollipop

1  One hollow blue plastic T. Rex, point of manufacture unknown

1  One white plastic bendable cow standing on its hind legs, made in China

2  Rainbow flat Tiger Pops lollipops, made in Colombia

1  Pink transparent plastic cell phone with neck cord bearing the date 2005, filled with a clear bubble solution, made in China