Motorhead at the Roseland 09/09/09: Tickets For $5. Seriously, $5!


File under Bucket List additions. You owe it to facial moles, yourself, and that really scary horned-beast logo above to see Motorhead before you go, which will most definitely be after Lemmy Kilmister goes. Because Lemmy famously abides by an airtight health regimen of drinking Jack and Coke and having sex, which means he will live forever. And you, who takes the stairs instead of the elevator and gets skim milk in your coffee instead of cream, will not. So get at it now: tickets are available now for their 09/09/09 show (upside-down number of the beast, of course) at the Roseland for only $5. With services charges, that’s $10.50. The promotional code is not, as it should be “\m/,” but instead “Subway$5tix.” You’re welcome.