NYPD Still Mum On Logo Crackdown, Retirees Not so Mum


It’s now been 24 hours since the Voice asked Police Commissioner Ray Kelly’s spokesman Paul Browne for a comment on the NYPD’s campaign to stop its own retirees from using the department logo. (See our story here.)

No response. Not even an acknowledgement that the emails were received. We’ve now asked Mayor Bloomberg’s spokesman for a comment. We shall hold our breath, even as we wonder why Kelly would piss off retired officers at the same time his boss, Bloomberg, is running for a third term.

We did however hear from several retirees who thought the crackdown was another boneheaded move by the Kelly administration.

One of them offered this broadside (anonymously): “Isn’t it a great city that we protected? Their undying gratitude kind of brings a tear to the eye. It used to be over-zealous scum from Internal Affairs that we had to worry about in the job. Now we’ve got to worry about effete guys wearing patent leather shoes from the Trademark Infringement Office pursuing us through the streets like the chase scenes from ‘The Seven Ups’ or ‘The French Connection’ because we wore a T shirt with the legend ’48 Precinct Annual Picnic 1978.'”

It’s a controversy over symbolism, yes, but let’s face it: symbolism is a pretty big deal in the NYPD, and among those who gave much of their adult lives to trying to make sure New Yorkers were safe to walk the streets. If you want to weigh in on this, drop us a line at