On Basement Jaxx’s “Saga,” Featuring Santigold


Do we have any idea what Brooklyn’s own Santigold would sound like if backed by, say, a single, tasteful acoustic guitar? Has any singer in the last few years (besides, you know, the obvious) had busier backdrops over which to kind-of emote? Here she does her sardonic ska-siren thing while Basement Jaxx, easily the least demure pop-electronic act with which indie types are somewhat familiar, runs what feels like a randomly arranged four-minute demo reel of spazzy aggro-reggae, like that Major Lazer record running on super-fast-forward, the result more cohesive than it has any right to be and a great deal more fun, too. The band’s site is streaming “Saga” along with a few other tunes from the imminent Scars — “Raindrops” is the jam, if you desire a singer as unrestrained and ecstatic as the backdrop.