What Do You Do When Someone Calls You The F Word?


No, not “fat.” That simply makes me collapse into tears while breaking open a baker’s dozen of cheese danishes. I mean “faggot.” I used to be stunned into silence whenever someone would drive by and scream that at me. I mean, it’s not only rudely offensive, it’s so damned obvious. It would be like looking up at the sky and yelling, “Blue!”

But eventually, I developed a quick retort in case this absurd horror ever happened again. I’m all rehearsed and ready to scream back, “Duh! Now why don’t YOU come out too? You know you love it up the ass!” Then I’ll run into the nearest sewer and hide till gay daybreak.

How do YOU deal with the flinging of this particular epithet? Yell back, “Your mother sucks cocks in hell”? Or just ignore and rise above for a change?