Kitten Roasting Teen Speaks: “It’s Dead, Bitch!”


17-year-old Cheyenne Cherry, who is accused of roasting a kitten in an oven to get back at her ex-roommate, has pleaded guilty to animal cruelty and attempted burglary in the torture-killing of Tiger Lily (pictured) and break-in, during which she also broke up some furniture and stole DVDs and food, the Daily News tells us. Already up for a parole violation, Cherry got one year.

She treated animal cruelty activists outside the courthouse to a little torture, too. “It’s dead, bitch!” she told them, and stuck out her tongue.

There was probably no point in playing nice with her enemies: angry citizens have petitioned to have Cherry tried as an adult, and she has been subject to all kinds of internet abuse (“In fact, that year [in prison] which she won’t serve a full 12 months of, will just teach her how to do more with some sort of justification of revenge”), including an appearance on the People You’ll See in Hell web site. Not to mention the ever-ready commenters at the Staten Island Advance (“This POS should be locked in the oven”). Well, at least she can say she brought people together. On to the next outrage!

Update: Apparently a gross miscarriage of justice has been perpetrated: Cherry only failed to remove the kitten from the oven. Her 14-year-old co-conspirator is said to have put her in and turned up the heat.