NYC June Unemployment: 9.3%


Earlier this week Bill Thompson predicted New York unemployment would get to 9.5 percent by the end of the year. He must be feeling pretty good about his chances, because the State Department of Labor has announced that city unemployment went to 9.3 percent in June. (The more dramatic, seasonally-adjusted, preliminary number is 9.5 percent.) That reflects a 2.5 percent drop in state non-farm employment from one year earlier and a 0.2 percent drop from May. The least unemployed borough was Staten Island at 8. 2 percent; the most unemployed borough was The Bronx — at 11.7 percent the most suffering jurisdiction in the state, though double digits were also seen in Oswego (10.2) and Niagara (10.0). June unemployment for the state itself was 8.6 percent. Be of good cheer, though — if it all goes bust, you can collect those new, fatter welfare checks.