Quick Hits – 6/16/2009


Mayor Bloomberg spoke for Sonia Sotomayor at the hearings today, lauded her appointment on diversity grounds in that she would represent The Bronx. (Ginsburg is from Brooklyn, Scalia from Queens.)

“My grandmother was born in Montgomery, Alabama,” Manhattan D.A. Robert Morgenthau told Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions at the hearings, which delighted the Senator.

Sessions told a witness, “We’re gonna do that crack cocaine thing we talked about.” Was asked to rephrase. He was talking about legislation. Shucks!

Today the Subway Blogger describes seeing an indigent female taking a shower on a subway platform: “There she was in her droopy, hairy, smelly birthday suit just splish splashing around like the place was her own little birdbath.” To wash that out of your head, here’s a vintage round-up of funny subway photos (international edition).

RealityTrac tallied up the U.S. foreclosure filings in the first half of the year, and found 1,905,723 of them on 1,528,364 properties. New York State had 24,210 foreclosure filings, and ranks 38th among U.S. states in this regard.

Bankrupt G.M. will take down its Chevrolet clock on Times Square.

New York, you’re finally getting a JCPenney.

“One of the best things about running for a citywide office,” says comptroller candidate John Liu: “I get to sample pizza from all over the city.” He says John’s is “not a real pizza joint.”