The Very Subtle Monotonix Cover for Where Were You When It Happened?; Plus, Other Live Performers That Impress Frontman Ami Shalev


Here is very understated Monotonix album cover for their September full-length Where Were You When It Happened? that got a couple of paragraphs devoted to it in this week’s paper. Despite the suggestion that Monotonix’s recordings are Playboy articles, I heartily endorse their next record, which comes out on Drag City this September, for many reasons, including the fact that these guys find it completely suitable to name a lovelorn ballad “Something Had Dried.”

But as we’ve repeated many times, Monotonix are one of the most entertaining live bands out there right now. Given their raucous live show, you’d expect frontman Ami Shalev to sneer at “normal” rock bands, the phlegmatic, navelgazing ones who expect spectators to be content with them simply standing on the stage, occasionally asking how everyone is out there, and actually play their instruments. So it’s fairly interesting to hear which other live bands impress Shalev. DMBQ (“They were great”). Nirvana (“One of the last times [they played] I got to see [them]”). And, curiously, Neil Young (“One of the best I have ever seen”). Fair enough. Neil probably wasn’t playing his next record.