What’s The Weirdest Thing You Ever Ate?


Let’s keep this out of the genital range for a change and make it strictly culinary–you know, Top Chef as opposed to pig bottoms.

I’ll tell you the wackiest thing I ever ate (on a plate). It was an ostrich burger, brought to me fully cooked by a friend who’s always tuned into the latest trendy eats for those who want to break away from Lean Cuisines and Jello molds.

Well, it was absolutely…disgusting! It tasted just like…ostrich! It had a weird, gamey texture to it, and no amount of imagination could convince me that this was anything that deserved human consumption outside of a sadistic ritual in a cult colony. The thing was tough and gristly and chalky and icky and God how I wished I was eating a plain old burger made out of a boring old dead cow! And that’s what I’ve been doing ever since, oink, oink.

But that’s just me. Who–I mean what–is the weirdest thing you’ve ever stuffed in your face?