Whole Foods Still Coming to Gowanus; Recession Leads to Better Beef for the Rest of Us


Choosing a brownie over granola because the former has fewer calories is not necessarily the healthier choice. Calorie estimates on food labels are based on flawed and outdated science, and labels may be up to 25 percent over or under.
[New Scientist]

Whole Foods says it still plans to open a store on Third Avenue in Brooklyn, even though a spokesperson told The Brooklyn Paper that the company had abandoned the site due to dangerous levels of benzene underground.
[NY Post]

Steak lovers are gaining access to USDA prime and other high-end beef in the supermarket thanks to the recession. Steakhouses, which depend largely on expense-account dining, have seen a drop and so are buying less fancy beef, leaving more of it for home cooks.
[Wall Street Journal] lists some of the most delicious fake foods we should probably avoid eating. Apparently, our eating habits took a dive during the cheese whiz era and now we need to cut back on everything from marshmallows to hot dogs.

When traveling through India, you might not be able to get your Pinkberry fix, but you can try its rip-off brand, Cocoberry, which offers similar candy and fresh fruit toppings.
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