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Will That Scandalous Jacko Book Finally Come Out For Reals?


In the mid ’90s, every single friend of mine suddenly possessed a copy of an underground, hard-to-get book called Michael Jackson Was My Lover, The Secret Diary of Jordie Chandler by an investigative journalist named Victor M. Gutterrez. They all had it because I lent it to them!

The incendiary page turner–which strangely lists no publisher–almost caught fire as you touched it, it was that piping hot. The section of visuals alone is hard to look away from, as it serves up various legal documents, photos of gifts given to Jordie, and diagrams of a certain superstar penis. And the text could melt your eyeballs! Not ony does it pretend to explain the sexual games Jordie played with Jackson, but it also claims to describe the child stars that were also sex partners of the star, and worst of all, animal abuse at Jackson’s private zoo!

Jordie had obviously signed a nondisclosure agreement after taking that “go away” money, but Gutierrez somehow got the kid’s supposed diaries and made a book out of them in a surreptitious, unofficial way that made it even more rivetingly dirty. But now that Michael’s gone, maybe this woozy epic can actually be released by an actual publisher in the States? In the meantime, I’m NOT lending out any more copies.