Yes In My Backyard: Motel Motel Exclusive Video Premiere for “Coffee”


Yes In My Backyard is a semiweekly column showcasing new and emerging MP3s from local talent. Last time, we gave you new MP3s from Love Like Deloreans and Blondes.

Brooklyn monster-buzz-band Motel Motel scream and bubble and flourish and sweat with that hyper-extended circa-2001 Ryan Adams urban-rural vibe. Full of throaty howls and explosive power-dirges, they’re an aggro alt-country shitfit that somehow succeeds in a tender blogger climate more suited to, say, Band Of Horses. Their self-released album, New Denver, praises balls over atmosphere, a whopping 72 minutes of country-fried blasts about methadone hits or sad cigarettes. The Rebel Group finally gave the album a proper release last week, so the band and director Matthew Murphy cooked up a video in the New Jersey woods for the long-circulating MP3 “Coffee.” Like an unhinged Goo Goo Doll caught in a Blitzen Trap, “Coffee” is a pissy, melancholy break-up anthem that chunka-chunks its way through various stages of grief: from bedroom to couch to hotel to coke mirror. The video appears a little more optimistic, as out hapless hero tries to find companionship using the resources of the wilderness.

Motel Motel guitarist Mickey Theis on “Coffee”

What this song is about?

“Coffee” is about love. Love is about complication and resolution. Or sometimes just complication–without the resolution part.

Where is your favorite place to get coffee in New York?

There are three of us in the band that drink more coffee than we should. Gimme Coffee on Lorimer makes a fine cup o’ joe. But to tell you the truth, I’ll drink anything. Except Bustelo, Folger’s, or Chock full o’Nuts. I think I’ve actually hallucinated on that stuff before.

What did you guys do to inspire the rave-up atmosphere at the end of the track?

We wanted to make the end really rocking, so we did back-up vocals in [bassist] Timo’s kitchen. Eric [Engel, vocalist] wasn’t into the idea at first. Actually, if you listen closely enough to the end of the track, you can hear Timo and Eric arguing about whether or not we should be doing back-up vocals to begin with.

Where did you guys shoot the video?

We shot it out in Jersey near a place called Andover. Matthew had told us that we were going to shoot it on the property of his childhood home. What he didn’t tell us is that he hadn’t cleared it with the family that is currently residing there. When we told [the homeowner] we wanted to shoot a video on the property, he got excited and even helped us out with it. He had all kinds of power tools and stuff.

What was the last time you played in the woods?

Last summer. Just East of Glacier National Park. I want to die and be buried in Montana.