Bernie Madoff’s Accountant Charged, Pleads Not Guilty


Bernie’s Madoff’s longtime accountant, David Friehling, has been charged with aiding and abetting his boss in his $50 billion Ponzi scheme. He pleads not guilty.

Friehling allegedly cooked the books for boss man Madoff, and was charged today with securities fraud, aiding and abetting investment adviser fraud, and four counts of filing false audit reports with the S.E.C..

According to the government complaint, from 1991 through 2008, Friehling certified that he had
prepared and audited Madoff’s balance sheets, statements of income, statements of cash flows and other financial statements. In fact, he failed to do any of the legally required certification and checking. And Friehling and his wife had a conflict of interest, since they held an account of more than $500,000 with Madoff’s firm.

Madoff was sentenced to 150 years in prison late last month.