Black NFL Players Accused of Anti-Black Video; Obama is Blamed


Cowboys tight end Martellus Bennett and his brother, Seattle Seahawk Michael Bennett, made this “Black Olympics” video in which they “compete” at eating chicken and watermelon and drinking Kool-Aid. A battle rages in the press, with some like Jean-Jacques Taylor of the Dallas Morning News on their case for disrespecting the race. Even funnier is Right Pundits, which finds a way to blame it on Obama. “That is a painful part of our past that this president ought to be changing,” they say, “but Obama is afraid or unwilling to discuss race relations in any meaningful way. He is not affecting change, and thus we expect to see offensive videos like the ‘black Olympics’ making it’s way around the internet today on Youtube. Where is the leadership for Martellus Bennett to follow?” They also claim “the players vocally supported Obama in the last election,” which we suppose is meant as proof that racists love Obama.

We think it looks like a sloppy rough draft for a Dave Chappelle bit and are neither amused nor outraged. What do you think?