Bloomberg Wants Troopers to Grab Senators and Make Them Pass Mayoral Control


As you may have expected, the state senate failed to pass anything like a reauthorization of mayoral school control before going on summer vacation — though Democrats did attempt and fail to pass an alternative bill not to the Mayor’s liking. This will require the Mayor’s packed Board of Ed to do the things Bloomberg and Joel Klein would prefer to do without interference until such time as Albany gets it together.

The Mayor is pissed off, and has asked Governor Paterson to dispatch state troopers to pull the senators back, and presumably stand over them at their desks until they come up with something he likes.

Staten Island Advance readers are unsympathetic to both the mayor (“I love the way Bloomy twists in the wind and whines like a little girl”) and the senate (“The cops should shoot to kill if the senators try to leave”). It may be that, after the political buffoonery of the past month or so, people are disorientated by outrage fatigue. Or maybe they just don’t like any of their current elected leaders very much.