City Encourages You to Drink at Beer Gardens, Museum


It’s hot as hell, so the list of beer gardens at NYCGO, the city’s more-puckish-than-usual tourism site, comes as a pleasant surprise, especially in its lede: “Maybe it’s the recession. Maybe it’s that New York finally feels ready to see some of those sidewalk-crackling summer afternoons. But nothing sounds better right now than to sit in the shade with a group of friends, drinking an ice-cold, deliciously foamy beer.” Who’da thunk it: the health-conscious Bloomberg Administration is promoting alcohol as a solution to life’s problems. Still, it’s a pleasant list, and they even manage to get Staten Island in there, as per their charter.

But suppose you’re a cultivated sort and have no desire to rub elbows with the hoi polloi in beer gardens? Here too the city has a solution: get a drink at the Museum of the City of New York. A free one comes with the $12 admission price of its Prohibition show, “The Speakeasy at 1220 Fifth.” Surely you’ve paid more for one drink in Manhattan before, and you can stretch it if you bring your flask. 23 skiddoo!