Do Lobsters Feel Pain? Let’s Hope Not. But Let’s Not Boil Them Alive Anymore, Just in Case.


The Atlantic Food Channel has an interesting piece on crustacean rights that comes just weeks after Fork in the Road posted a recipe for barbecued lobster, which sparked a lively debate over just how humane it is to grill a sea creature alive.

According to the Atlantic, New Zealand may have already included lobsters in its animal rights laws, but scientists are still at odds over whether crustaceans feel pain. Surely, it can’t be much more of a stretch than the idea that pigs feel pain. Besides, as Eric Ripert says, killing an animal humanely is an homage to the life it has sacrificed to feed you.

In the video above, Ripert demonstrates how to kill a lobster in one swift, humane blow to the head using a sharp knife. If this makes you squirm, you could always use the

[via Huffington Post]