Lance Armstrong is Bored


We’ve been thinking it, but Lance went ahead and said it.

At the end of today’s stage of the Tour de France, which is now nearing the end of its second of three weeks, the seven-time winner used his Twitter account to sum up his feelings about today’s leg of the legendary race:

“Wet and cold. And slightly boring.”

Ah, so it’s not just us.

For months, we’ve been looking forward to this Tour, which the Versus channel keeps telling us is the MOST EPIC TOUR EVER.

But we’ve hardly been able to keep awake.

Except for a thrilling few moments when the race passed through the tiny principality of Andorra last week, this race has been a real snoozer.

We’re not sure why. For the first time, we get to see the race here not only live but in beautiful HD. (On the big screen, this thing is jaw-droppingly gorgeous.)

And this year’s race does feature a stellar lineup of recent Tour winners and top contenders.

Maybe our disappointment has something to do with the way none of the other teams have been able to counter the sprint wins of Mark Cavendish, a British lad with all the charm of a steaming turd.

Or maybe it’s just that the Versus host, Craig Hummer, makes us want to throw bike wrenches at the television. (Al Trautwig, where are you when we need you?)

Well, for whatever reason, we’ve been very uninspired.

Sunday, that should change.

The Tour finally reaches the Alps, where a series of tough stages culminating on the following Saturday will decide this battle between Lance Armstrong and his young Astana teammate, Alberto Contador. (The Italian fellow currently wearing the yellow jersey will likely give it up on Sunday.)

We can only hope, however, that the race between those two really is decided on the road, and not in the Astana team bus by director Johan Bruyneel.