Nate Appleman: Here in New York, With a “One-Way Ticket”


Since Nate Appleman’s departure earlier this week from his San Francisco restaurants A16 and SPQR, rumors have circulated about his plans — real or imagined — to come to New York. As it turns out, “I’m actually here right now,” Appleman tells Fork in the Road. “I’m taking meetings and exploring options, and have to say that it looks likely I’m headed this way for sure. Nothing’s set in stone, but I bought a one-way ticket.”

While Appleman prefers not to say who he’s been meeting with, and only that he decided to come to New York for “personal and professional reasons,” he offers that he’s “interested in cooking rustic Italian food and aligning myself with great people I want to be working with everyday. If it’s my own thing, great, if not, great as well.” While he has no idea when we can expect to see him in a kitchen — his or anyone else’s — he’s pretty sure he’ll be doing a guest chef appearance at Motorino, where he ate last night. “It’s still in the works,” he says. “Follow my Twitters.”