Q-Tip’s Memoir to Elaborate on Industry Rule 4,080 and Perhaps List the Other 4,079


So Q-Tip is writing a book, called Industry Rules, that will elaborate on the music-biz hostility informing the A Tribe Called Quest great’s most famous line (one assumes that record-company people, however few of them are left at this point, nonetheless remain pretty shady), balanced with more personal thoughts and reflections, i.e. “never-before-told stories about Q-Tip’s personal experiences, family life, celebrity friends, inspirations, and career.” Hoping for at least one solid Nicole Kidman anecdote here, amid what could turn out to be a pretty epic fuck-the-industry rant, considering Tip was already decrying shadiness before Kamaal/The Abstract got shelved indefinitely, along with, for a dismayingly great while, his whole solo career. But Kamaal‘s finally coming out in September, so looks like he gets the last laugh, just (much) later than he’d anticipated.

He’s playing Central Park SummerStage, actually, this Saturday. Alas, you have other plans.