Top 10 Most Dangerous Foods to Eat While Driving; Say Hola to Pecsi


Is organic food always better for you than “conventional”? Sure, fresh organic produce may be more nutritious than fruits and veggies grown using pesticides. But organic milk doesn’t necessarily come from cows raised in lush pasture. Large dairies keep the animals in lots and truck in their feed.
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The Times‘ venerable food critic has always been a binger. But, apparently, Frank Bruni also learned how to purge early on. Was his strange throw-up-on-demand behavior just a case of spoiled bratism, or can babies really be bulimic?
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You know drinking and driving is dangerous. But eating and driving can also be hazardous to your safety and that of others. The top 10 most dangerous foods to eat at the wheel include coffee, hot soup, tacos, chili dogs, and — shocker! — ribs and wings.

Scott Stringer, Manhattan borough president, says we have to start looking at real estate development with an eye to public health, which means measuring the impact of new constructions on a neighborhood’s fresh food infrastructure.
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Most Spanish speakers, especially Argentinians, pronounce Pepsi as “Pecsi,” which has led the company to launch a campaign changing the second P to a C. “Pecsi” is easier for Spanish speakers to pronounce and is how some 25 percent of the population say it.
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