Who’s Your Favorite Disgraced Governor?


Lately, anyone with the title of Governor seems determined to show the entire world their lack of scruples (and sometimes their lack of underpants too).

Which one is your favorite mess?

Jim McGreevey. The married New Jersey gov had a boyfriend on the payroll, so he proudly announced “I’m a gay American” to throw us off the sickening scent. Can’t fool me, fucker!

Eliot Spitzer. He objected to prosties, but obviously only because they charge so much.

Rod Blagojevich. Rod was ousted, so he could do reality shows and spend more time with his hair.

Mark Sanford. A real genius who thought he could get away with disappearing halfway around the world to get some hot ‘tang–and so far he has!

Sarah Palin. She just didn’t feel like being the silly little Governor of a dumb, old empty state anymore–not after she’d had a taste of big-time stardom and larger-scale humiliations.

My vote is for Sanford. His dementia seems that much more extreme–and he’s still in office!