A Shout Out To Mischa Barton


As someone who’s long covered the highs and lows of the glitterdome, I know how devastating it is when a metaphorical slip-up on the red carpet precipitates a tumble towards oblivion. So I totally feel for Mischa Barton, who was admitted to a psych ward the other day, no doubt suffering from an acute case of career remission.

The former O.C. starlet was clearly addicted to her fame–there was never a photographer in the vicinity without Mischa’s face being there too–and as her visibility seemed to be outweighing her actual success, she clearly suffered behavioral setbacks, with DUIs, weight fluctuations, and a general sense of show-biz-specific unease. It’s no coincidence that Mischa’s breakdown happened as her new movie, Homecoming, was opening to reviews like “risible,” “unimaginative,” and “Mischa Barton can’t act.”

Whether she can learn to act is one thing. But I truly hope she can learn to love herself and carry on.