Bagelgate Update: American Girl’s Jewish Doll Not Such a Goy After All


The Food Section‘s Josh Friedland’s commitment to getting to the bottom of what he has termed “Bagelgate” is impressive. You may remember the eagle-eyed food blogger noticing that American Girl’s new Jewish doll came with a bagel that — god forbid! — was adorned with what appeared to be Kraft singles instead of a schmear of cream cheese. An American Girl company spokesperson wrote back to him explaining that the orange squares were cheddar cheese, which turn-of-the-century Jews would have eaten on their bagels. Really? Friedland is not convinced, claiming that cheese in those days would have probably come in wheel form and not in perfect square slices. This Slate article cites Family Circle recommending serving bagels with cream cheese in 1950. Was this advice just aimed at gentiles and already old news for the country’s Jewish families? Bagelgate continues…