Brooklyn Dumpster Pools Publicized, Ruined


Earlier this month, Inhabitat pushed out the story of MacroSea’s Gowanus dumpster pool parties. This weekend — cannonball! New York Times, Daily News, Newsday, WPIX, et alia are suddenly all over it.

These tales of MacroSea’s reclamation of ordinary trash dumpsters into sanitary swimming tanks has been spiced by their “secret” location; the Times video shows Urban Eye reporter Melena Ryzik confidentially telling you that “It’s 12:30 in the morning, I’m somewhere deep in Brooklyn, I can’t tell you where, but I can tell you that I’m going to a secret pool party”; her legs are then shown in dim light, walking anonymous cobblestones.

But a caption in the News story blows that part of the fun, announcing that the dumpsters are at the near the corner of Bond and Carroll Streets. “Secret Dumpster pool location revealed!” cries Brokelyn — making it the latest local underground sensation to be exposed by the press. Soon will come the rubberneckers, outraged community groups, and DEP agents.

Still, mission accomplished, publicity-wise: the creators have announced plans to sell the dumpster pools nationally. It remains to be seen whether outlanders will be as comfortable with the idea of swimming in giant garbage containers as degenerate New Yorkers. As for locals, they will probably quickly come to terms with their exclusion, and move on to Water Taxi Beach. Which just goes to show that, in this our Information Age, there are no secrets anymore — just sneak previews.