Ever Date a Married Person?


No, I don’t mean the person you’re married to. I mean did you ever hook up with someone espoused to someone else? And did you blindly keep going with it anyway?

Let’s face it–we ALL sit back and bitch out movie stars who break up homes and carry on with married folks, but when the chance comes along to do the very same thing, we–I mean you–almost always bite the bait. It’s just too risque and taboo and irresistible, like sneaking home an ice cream sundae somebody left on the table.

There’s a secret thrill (I hear) to grabbing a hottie who’s supposed to be with another being. As it turns out, there’s a little Angelina in so very many of us, and I’d like you to be honest for a change and tell me just what kind of Brad Pitt types you’ve romanced despite–or maybe because of–the massive accessorization on their ring fingers.