First One to Explain the Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ New “Snakesweat” Video Wins Some Sort of Prize


Yeah so I’m not at all clear on what I’m looking at here, but here we have “Snakesweat,” a seven-minute short film starring the Yeah Yeah Yeahs (as the Philosopher, the Scientist, and the Black Widow, respectively — no points for guessing which one Karen O is) and hosted by Pitchfork this week. It’s a trippy, drugged-up, black-and-white desert wasteland tableau, with a moderate amount of gunplay and (remarkably wan) whip-cracking, etc. It’s basically the arty, inscrutable version of this. Whether it subconsciously reminds you of the excellence of the YYYs’ recent It’s Blitz, I don’t know, but I leave it to the experts.