JFK Nation’s Third-Worst Airport for Sleeping, Say Experts


Airport delays have become a way of life — in fact, a new airline has made a massive delay part of its launch — so you may be interested in The Guide to Sleeping in Airports and its just-announced best and worst airports for sleeping. As New York naturally figures in all superlatives, you will not be shocked that JFK is the nation’s third-worst sleeping airport. “I tried to enter the departure-hall, thinking it may be more comfortable there,” says one reviewer, “but one is only allowed to enter there during traffic-time. it was pretty cold but i could manage to organise some empty boxes. so it used them to sleep on and protect me from the cold ground.” News you can use! LaGuardia rates much better, and one connoisseur recommends the American Airlines terminal: “At the very end, somewhat concealed by a unused gate desk and some freestanding metal things there is a delightful place to hang out and sleep without being bothered by airport personnel or fellow travelers.” The very best and very worst, BTW, are Singapore’s Changi and Charles De Gaulle in Paris (“the bathrooms were worse than some I have seen in Africa!”). Image (cc) Hari Bilalic.