Naked Cowboy to Announce for Mayor’s Race Today


We have done more than most to let you know about the New York mayoral candidates from minor parties such as the Green Party (Reverend Billy), the Rent Is Too Damn High Party (Jimmy McMillan), and the Democrats (Bill Thompson, Tony Avella). We hope to provide coverage in the near future of Libertarian candidate Joseph Dobrian, who sounds like a real pip. But for now, breaking news! Reuters says Times Square’s popular tourist attraction The Naked Cowboy is running for mayor. The noted exhibitionist and scourge of copyright-infringing candies has a campaign platform, to be revealed at a press conference today and said to “include a stimulus plan for small business.” This should cut into Bloomberg’s lead, perhaps providing an opening for his closest competitor, Frances Villar. Who says you don’t have a real choice this November? Photo (cc) Esparta.