Oh, America: 100-Pound Cupcake Displayed in Mall, Fed to Hogs


Speaking of cupcakes, Guinness Book of World Records staff was on hand this Saturday at the Mall of America, to check out what might be the biggest cupcake in the world. The 100-pound, 2-feet tall, 3-feet wide behemoth clocks in at 131,000 calories. It’s stuffed with fudge and frosted in yellow in honor of Sponge Bob Square Pant’s 10th birthday. (Really.) The Mall of America, never one to rest on its laurels, was actually looking to break its own biggest-cupcake record, set last year with a 61-pound sucker, above. Ironically, that one was to raise funds for starving children.

After being displayed, the 100-pound cupcake will somehow make its way to the Second Harvest Hog Farm in Cedar, Minnesota, where it will be fed to the hogs. And then we will eat the half-cupcake hogs.

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