Padma Lakshmi to Leave ‘Top Chef’


Out of the frying pan, into the fire: Variety is reporting that Padma Lakshmi will be leaving Top Chef after its sixth season for her own sitcom on NBC. The show will reportedly “star Lakshmi as a woman working in the culinary world,” and is tentatively titled–lord have mercy–Single Serving.

Despite Food Network ubiquity and the popularity of food reality shows, food sitcoms, as Variety points out, do not exactly have an exemplary track record. The Fox version of Anthony Bourdain’s Kitchen Confidential had a shorter shelf life than potato salad on an August afternoon, and Emeril, NBC’s attempt to turn Emeril Lagasse into 2001’s biggest sitcom star, was 86’d after 10 episodes.

But maybe Lakshmi can beat the odds: After all, if she could crawl relatively unscathed from the scorched wreckage of Glitter, than perhaps she can survive whatever network TV has in store for her.