Parent-Hired Teachers’ Aides May Be Forced to Leave Classrooms


Parents and friends of parents who have children in New York public schools know that private fundraising — from bake sales to the Gates Foundation — makes up for many shortfalls in the system, from paper and crayons to teachers’ aides. Now the Times reports that teachers’ union is complaining about independently-hired classroom aides and demanding an end to the practice. They would allow funds raised for that purpose to be donated to the schools, which would hire them from UFT ranks, in some cases at significantly greater cost, which will probably cut down on the number of aides the parents can afford to fund. Runnin’ Scared suggests they get around the problem by using Bee-Bot Teaching Robots in place of the aides, as the UFT has not been sufficiently forward-looking to address non-human staffing in their contract stipulations.