Quick Hits


“132 Mulberry New York, NY 10013 #nyc #little_italy.” twitpic by joannabethpdot.

The Beastie Boys’ Adam Rauch has cancer of the salivary gland, will seek treatment, is expected to recover. Get well soon, MCA.

With Paterson in decline and Cuomo regnant, this guy is our best hope for an exciting 2010 governor’s race.

The Brooklyn Cyclones held a “Salute to Pregnancy” night.

A teenager in Freeport didn’t like his car — a BMW! what, was the leather the wrong color? — so he set it on fire.

Ralph Peters, a lunatic frequently published in the New York Post, thinks that Taliban prisoner in Afghanistan might be a deserter, and that if he is, “as far as I’m concerned, the Taliban can save us a lot of legal hassles and legal bills.” Terminate… with extreme prejudice!

Ed Koch had his gallbladder out.


The first meal on the moon, forty years ago today, was the body and blood of Christ.