Save Yourself From Salmonella: Overcook Your Meat; This Summer, Do a Pizza Crawl or a Hot Dog Schlep


More farmers markets are equipped with terminals allowing them to accept food stamps, which have now gone paperless since the government replaced the paper coupons with debit cards in 2004. The state of New Jersey started giving the terminals to farmers this month.
[NY Times]

The Food Safety Enhancement Act of 2009 would place stricter regulations on food companies, such as conducting hazard analysis programs and more frequent inspections, but you can protect yourself from food-borne illness at home by overcooking meat…yum!
[NY Daily News]

All 273 of Whole Foods Market’s U.S. stores have now earned organic certification. Third-party organic certifier CCOF confirmed that the retailer met tough new regulations for organic certification that went into effect last year.

According to a new study, kids exposed to food ads on television are more likely to snack while watching. In an experiment, kids who watched snack ads during a cartoon ate 45 percent more Goldfish crackers than those who watched other commercials.
[NY Times]

The Daily News rounds up the city’s best summer food tours, including the West Village gelato route, the L-train pizza crawl, and the Brooklyn hot dog schlep.
[NY Daily News]