Siena Poll: Everything Sucks


The new Siena Poll asks voters about the recent state senate coup and, understandably, very few of the respondents think it was great for New York. Despite the grand promises of the coupmasters, 55 percent of respondents doubted that reform would result from the exercise. The senate has a miserable 20 percent favorable rating — but the hard-working assembly’s is only 31 percent, and none of the state leaders Siena asked about have the respondents’ approval. Even hero and sorta-lieutenant-governor Richard Ravitch has a don’t-know rating to rival Kirsten Gillibrand’s. You know, we’re beginning to get the impression that people just don’t like their government.

Siena says Governor Paterson got “a little credit” from his firm but ineffective stands in the crisis — that is, his unfavorable rating dropped a point, to 56 percent, and voters would prefer someone else run the state by a mere 69 points. Cuomo’s still their choice, but his favorables have dropped eight points in a month — perhaps fallout from his hassling of fake internet critics.

A record high 64 percent think New York is headed in the wrong direction. That number is up for the U.S., too, but only to 41 percent, with the late Bush era 69 percent still holding fast to the #1 slot. See, it’s not all gloom and doom.