Siren Fest Draws Crowds, I-Was-So-Wasted Stories


Some sort of massively-attended concert thing sponsored by the Village Voice happened at Coney Island this weekend. “Heavy and loud… aggressive guitar tacticians,” says Metromix. “All the beautiful eccentrics came out of the woodwork,” says Short and Sweet NYC. “Do not go to Siren Fest hungover,” says Pop Tarts Suck Toasted. “I wasn’t hungover exactly, but I definitely had this head-not-where-it-should-be feeling,” says KWUR 90.3 FM. “I had a bit too much blackberry brandy and decided to show off some dance moves,” says Modern Maendy. “Tom, emboldened by the four giant beers he drank, agreed to go on the Star Dancer ride with me,” says She’s Got Everything. Sounds like a hit! Dispositive hipster reverse cred: “I prefer to listen to Fats Domino at a bar on the boardwalk than to see most indie rock bands at Siren Fest.” Epic photo documentation at Brooklyn Vegan; Rob Harvilla has the big wrapup at Sound of the City. Photo (cc) jasonlam.