Starbucks Bombing Kid’s Facebook Friends Talk About Fight Club, Sentencing


Acquaintances and schoolmates of arrested Starbucks bomber Kyle Shaw are conversing about him under a link to a Daily News article about the Fight Club-loving teen.

The link to the article “Teen ‘Fight Club’ devotee and suspected Starbucks bomber Kyle Shaw roughed up at Rikers Island” was posted on Facebook by one of Shaw’s Facebook friends Saturday, and has drawn strong reactions from his peers via a comment thread, e.g. “omg this makes me so sad, i feel bad for him.”

“Damn i want to know who these kids are that keep snitching on him,” writes an East Manhattan high-schooler who is also one of Shaw’s Facebook friends. The teen seems to be referring to the unnamed source who gave the Daily News info on Shaw’s fight club, where youths duke it out Brad Pitt-style at Pier 40.

“Probably the babies that are on his dick all the time but got scared when shit got real,” says another FB friend, seeming to reference the fight club’s fellow members. After trying to establish the identity of the youth who revealed stuff to the News (“nah **** is legit, he’s definitely not the fed”) the group moves on to discussing how the paper reported that, while in jail, Shaw got a black eye from an inmate and member of the (much reported-on by Voice writer Graham Rayman) Rikers Fight Club — their catchphrase of intimidation being, “Are you with it?”

“You guys are worrying too much, knowing Kyle he’s probably loving this,” writes one optimistic FB connect of the suspect in response to concerns about the juvenile being socked. “He better have said he wasn’t with it at Rikers or else he’s gonna be their bitch the whole time…but I’m sure he’s doin fine.”

Another one of Shaw’s virtual friends dismisses that rosy outlook with a dose of what might be hard-won knowledge: “Apparently you’ve never been locked up dog, that shit is trash.”

But the teen who thinks Shaw is “fine” also believes his peer’s fight club experience will help him out in places like Rikers: “I mean yeah he got hit there but the article even said he joined another fight club as soon as he got to jail, so it’s not like he didn’t fight back or just got straight washed. He had one black eye. I seen him and his fight clubbers comin to school wayyyy worse than that, besides he fuckin loves that, he thinks he’s the shit when he gets a black eye, and to be on the news with one? He probably feels famous.”

Whether or not Shaw feels famous, the teens know he’s in real trouble. A few comments later the subject of the exchange turns toward sentencing. Some believe the cafe bombing Shaw carried out on Memorial Day, in which no one was hurt, deserves minimal punishment: “Im sure it wasnt a remote detonation like the news makes it out to be, and he definitely didnt mean for anyone to get hurt. no one did, so at most they should hit him with a destruction of property charge,” posts a youngster.

“Either way,” proposes another teenager, “hes not a terrorist and he
just need to get community service tops my man is 17. Fuckin paper and news
goin all crazy.”

Still, another teen doesn’t buy the logic the law should go easy on a juvie like Shaw: “He blew up a store, he should get in trouble.Yeah he’s 17 and all that but if you gonna do a crime like that, and tell people and expect to just get a slap on the wrist you’re crazy.” Another pipes in, “but seriously if you set off a bomb in a public area wtf do you think is gonna happen. It’s just common sense.”