Unscrupulous Celebrity Nude Vendor Delivers Virus Instead


As news circulated that some guy had bored a hole in ESPN broadcaster Erin Andrews’ hotel room wall and taken cell phone video of her naked, “erin andrews peephole video link” became the hottest topic on Google Trends. Even respected journalistic outfits rushed to put “Erin Andrews peephole video link” in their headlines, usually with lame playouts like “That Erin Andrews peephole video link: thinking of going searching for it? Actually, you probably don’t want to go searching for it, whatever you might think at the moment.” And the reason for that is, at least one web site promising the goods is actually dishing out a virus, which thousands of thrillseekers have unthinkingly downloaded. There’s a lesson in this for all of us: if you’re going looking for extremely popular celebrity nudes, particularly nudes with publicity-enhancing characteristics such as the subject’s plans to sue over them, use a Mac. They are very resistant to computer viruses. Also, only deal with reliable celebrity nude vendors [play “The More You Know” theme here].