Because Cacao Nibs Are So Passe: Introducing Camel’s Milk Chocolate


Reuters is reporting that a Dubai company called Al Nassma is premiering a line of camel’s milk chocolate. The delicacies, which Al Nassma’s website describes as “the first and finest camel milk chocolate,” won’t be showing up in your local supermarket anytime soon, according to a company spokesman. Instead, they’re destined for high-end specialty stores throughout Europe, the Middle East, Japan, and the U.S. Al Nassma, which was founded by Dubai’s ruler, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum, plans to produce 100 tons of camel’s milk chocolate a year from its farm’s 3,000 camels, according to the report.

If Al Nassma’s chocolate does reach New York, it won’t be the first camel’s milk product to do so: Last year, Caravanne, a bloomy-rind camel’s milk cheese, began appearing in specialty stores around the city, earning the affectionate nickname “Camelbert.”