IG: State Employees Slept, Did/Sold Drugs in Break Room/”Man Cave”


Two state government workers, Office of General Services supervisor Louis Marciano and OGS janitor Gary Pivoda, have made an assload of overtime in recent years. Making that easier for them, the Inspector General’s office alleges, was a space they’d commandeered in an Albany parking garage they nominally serviced, equipped with couches, a TV, and a fridge, where they “allegedly smoked pot and snoozed away their days,” says the Albany Times-Union. They are also accused of selling drugs from the space, which their lawyer portrays as a “break room” and the Times-Union calls a “man cave.”

Pivoda, with nine years of government service, has been charged with marijuana possession and illegal use of a scale; he and Marciano, who has 31 years in, have both been suspended. WRGB in Albany reveals that back in the 90s Pivoda was charged with cocaine possession and served prison time for burglary; it’s unknown how he got hired by OGS, which usually submits prospects to a background check.