In Case You Missed Our Photos from Sunday’s Pool Party With the Dirty Projectors. . .


. . . they are here. Sunday was the second week of Jelly NYC’s Pool Parties, relocated this summer from McCarren Pool, and Dirty Projectors proved to Brooklyn for the first time since Bitte Orce‘s’ official release that they’ve only begun to feel out the extent of their band leader David Longstreth’s abilities to re-write the pop music map. Even the order of the set seemed to drive the point home by placing the older Rise Above material (composed for a quartet) dead center in the set, hemmed in on both sides by the more ample and ambitious six-person tunes off their latest, Bitte Orce. Earlier in the day, Magnolia Electric Co.’s inconsolable folk dirge was enough to drop the guy who’d been dancing hysterically for about an hour into a pretty dreary looking come-down. Even earlier, Crystal Antlers subbed for White Denim, so of course, there was Sexual Chocolate. All of Sam Horine’s photos from Sunday are over here, plus a few more below after the jump.