Jews for Jesus…and the Food Network


Jews for Jesus, perhaps borrowing a from the Jewish mothers playbook, is trying to find its way to your heart through, yes, your stomach. And it’s using the Food Network to do it. The organization’s latest pamphlet, picked up by a friend of Fork in the Road, uses crudely drawn cartoons of Network personalities Rachael Ray, Alton Brown, and Emeril Lagasse to get its message across. The pamphlet declares: “We all like to eat and we need to! But even Food Network junkies have wondered: Is that all there is? Is life just a series of “good eats?”

After referencing “the best-selling “cookbook” of all time, the Bible,” as well as that original foodie, Jesus, the pamphlet suggests that if you’re “living for the next meal (or celebrity chef), then maybe you’re sampling the wrong food.”

That’s a lot to swallow. Especially if you’re the Food Network: Though the pamphlet’s creators managed to trademark their own logo, they somehow neglected to do the same for the Food Network’s. All of which begs the question, what would Jesus sue?