Mets Keep Manuel, Minaya; Said to Refuse Halladay


Mets general manager Omar Minaya (pictured) confirms that both he and manager Jerry Manuel have been told they’ll keep their jobs next year. Maybe that big win over the mighty Nationals last night clinched the deal. Or maybe no one else wants their jobs.

Faith and Fear in Flushing calls this good news, on this reasoning: “These days when I hear news from the baseball-operations side of the Mets’ house, I simply assume the opposite of what’s being said is the truth.” Therefore, “Omar and Jerry are safe = Omar and Jerry are in serious trouble.” (FaFiF actually admires Manuel, but feels “the front office has turned Citi Field into the Augean stables of baseball operations.”)

While the organization is happy with these leaders, Sports Illustrated says the Mets think the Blue Jays are asking too much from them for star pitcher Roy Halladay; the deal, SI reports, would have the Mets give up some pitchers and some prospects, which the organization portrayed as “mortgaging their future.” But MetsBlog hears differently, and speculates that the spurious leak may be a ruse to “raise the value of their own prospects” in a trade “by suggesting [Jon] Niese, [Bobby] Parnell and [Fernando] Martinez are worth more than Halladay,” among other conspiracy theories.

Other Mets fans, being Mets fans, go directly to despair. “Ricciardi didn’t even ask for the best prospects the Mets own in Brad Holt, Wilmer Flores, or Jenrry Mejja,” says Kranepool Society. “I will now douse myself in gasoline and light my sorry ass on fire.” “The Blue Jays are going to head down the parkway and go trade Halladay to the Phillies,” says MetsLifers, “who will then sign him to a 5-year deal and we’ll have to face this guy five times a year for the next half decade.” Amazin’ Avenue goes straight to the trading post: “Basically, I’m giving up on this season, probably well after the rest of you,” says Sam Page. “The Mets are sellers in the most buyer-heavy market in recent memory.” His first batch of potential offering include Feliciano, Gary Sheffield, and Livan Hernandez, last night’s winner. Photo (cc) Michael G. Baron.