New York Actually Fighting for Hotel Dollars with New Jersey


New York’s getting spanked on a few fronts this week. A Global Language Monitor survey showed we’d lost status as Fashion Capital of the World to Milan.’s survey found New York’s taxis second to London’s in quality of service — and our cabbies the worst drivers of all.

But at least these are classy world capitals — now freakin’ New Jersey is looking to bite into our hospitality dollars with something we didn’t think they even had: swanky, branded superhotels.

USA Today reports that the newish W Hotel in Hoboken and the Westin Jersey City Newport are “holding their own” against their competition across the Hudson, and the Westin has conventions booked through 2010.

They’ve got bigger and cheaper rooms, and at least one amenity their Manhattan counterparts simply can’t offer: a Manhattan skyline view. If they can train yokels to use the PATH, New York’s nation-leading 26 percent drop in hotel rates may not be enough to compete with that. Then we’ll have to go back to our traditional tourist dollar advantage: access to drugs and prostitutes.