This Week in the Voice


The Deutsche Bank fire is Mayor Bloomberg‘s “defining debacle,” says Wayne Barrett, “a failure of leadership, accountability, and transparency, revealed in one law enforcement report or news story after another.” But with the help of a complaisant press, the Mayor’s getting off the hook.

Asked why his union was endorsing Bloomberg, a political aide told Tom Robbins, “He’s going to win.” But are the unions getting enough from the Mayor in return? Tom suggests not.

Michael Musto interviews Jeff Daniels; Ella Taylor sees him in his new film The Answer Man. Musto also has a thing or two to say about Bruce Vilanch and the Tony Awards Committee’s decision to leave critics (like him!) off their voter rolls.

Govind Armstrong‘s new restaurant Table 8 has a great pedigree and comes with high hopes. So why were the people at Sarah DiGregorio‘s table talking about Taco Bell? In Greenpoint, Robert Sietsema had problems with another much-anticipated debut, Anella.

No, lady, Sonia Sotomayor isn’t a Mexican. But Gustavo Arellano is proud of her anyway.

Jovanotti started out rapping with Afrika Bambaataa and is now an international jazz-funk-pop star. Carol Cooper watches him work in New York.


In Music: Fu-Arkist-Ra and Pollution. In Film: Lorna’s Silence, In the Loop, Import/Export, Shrink, and California Company Town.

In Theater: Kalkwerk and The Tin Pan Alley Rag. In Art: Heide Hatry, William Lamson, and Carrie Moyer. In Books: Italo Calvino‘s The Complete Cosmicomics. In Dance: Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet.

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