Tonight! Get Ready to Throw Some Underwear! (Updated: Or Not)


As a 16-year-old coal miner’s son, Tom Jones dropped out of school to support the Catholic schoolgirl he’d knocked up. But when exactly did Mrs. Linda Jones realize she’d hit the jackpot? The Welsh singer held his own against martyrs like Joe Meek, Janis Joplin, and Elvis Presley, and cut his teeth on Bond themes and Vegas stints to become one of the most consistent breadwinners in show-biz history. Just excuse the infidelity… He’s at the Beacon. Update 5:45 EST: the show’s just been postponed, according to a press release, “Due to illness and the advice of [Tom Jones’s] physician.” Hope Tom’s okay.

Anyone distraught by reggae’s current misrepresentation as stoned frat-boy fodder will be pleased to know that two of Jamaica’s most puritanically Rasta acts, Toots & the Maytals and Eek-a-Mouse, are performing at B.B. King’s.

Meanwhile, stoned frat-boys will probably enjoy the “reggae backbeat and ska-prepster brass” of Paolo Nutini, who plays Terminal 5. The nimble young singer’s talent belies his age and audience.

Finally, Wispy-voiced Democrat Jackson Browne is charging big-government prices for his gig at the Prospect Park Bandshell.