Who Are Your Favorite Local News Anchors?


Being an anchorperson is one of the most difficult jobs on TV because you have to read endlessly off a prompter, come up with suitable ad libs to stretch till commercial breaks, and change your tone whenever someone dies (which is very often these days).

Of all the people who manage to do this without having breakdowns, I have a fondness for Rosanna Scotto and Ernie Anastos on Channel 5. They radiate New York realness, they’re nice without being corny, and–this is not unimportant–they’re very well groomed.

I have also loved Sue Simmons, the unflappable Channel 4 pro, ever since I first clicked on my set and locked into her surreal appeal.

Who do you turn to for news and actually believe what they say? Was Cronkite the last person left alive who you could trust? Did you change your tone when he died?