Yes, Virginia, There Is a Max Brenner: Store Manager Says He’s There “All the Time”


After the Australian paper The Age ran an interview yesterday with a man purporting to be the real Max Brenner, much head-scratching ensued. After all, the owners of Max Brenner, the chocolate shop chain with two locations in New York, had previously claimed there was no Max Brenner, also known as the Bald Man. Instead, the Israeli marketing men behind the chain, Oded Brenner and Max Fichtman, told New York magazine that their company’s mascot was merely a composite of their names. The bald man himself? A mere advertising tool.

But according to the manager of the chain’s Union Square location — a cavity factory peddling everything from chocolate bagel sandwiches to chocolate pizzas — there is indeed a real Max Brenner, and he’s right here in New York. “Max is here all the time,” says the manager, identifying himself only as David. “His real name is Oded Brenner. But everybody calls him Max.” Everybody, it seems, except his marketing department.